My Motherhood Philosophy

I feel better. Five days of cold and flu and sapped energy have had me feeling low because I couldn’t take my kids out and do the things I promised them.

Uh oh – yes a few choruses of “Bad Mummy” arrived in my head but I got rid of that pretty fast. Do you have a strategy to get rid of that nasty little voice?

This is mine: 

I love my children. 

My children are happy, healthy, giggly little boys. 

Not every Mother is at the park with their kids right now. (Though when you drive past sometimes it feels like that!) 

I need to take care of myself too. (Put the oxygen mask on yourself first to be able to save the children!) 

TV will not kill them. (But no TV just might kill me.)

I serve them nutritious food because I love them so much. I am not trying to be mean.

Children above all need love, cuddles and attention. (I set up my blanket camp next to them in the playroom to give them this.) 

Wine is a motherhood tool of survival.

There is always tomorrow.

Gorgeous family shot taken in Broome by the very talented Dana Gallop from Dana Gallop Gallery


Hope you all are surviving winter – check out my facebook feed for natural tips from my likers on how to beat the cold and fly season 


PS: Melanie (the one with five kids!) is the winner of my Jude Blereau competition please email me at with your address details so I can send!




  1. Great philosophy … I’m similar … when the mother guilt starts to set in I ask myself: Are the kids clothed, fed and happy? … if yes, then I’m doin’ OK 🙂

  2. I totally resonated with the reason I feed them healthy food line. It’s insane that I occasionally have pangs of guilt over doing this. It just goes to show how society’s expectations can subliminally weigh on us. Love the family photo by the way! Brenda x

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