My Love List

Today’s Mantra: I Am Love

Everyone should do this exercise. It really helps you focus on what makes you happiest. I would love to hear your lists.

This week for me:


I had sooo much fun kayaking in Broome with my husband. It is definitely something I want to do again. It was excitement and exercise mixed with an awe of how beautiful nature is.  Plus I got to do it with my husband and it was so nice to do something really fun together and share the experience.


Bikram Yoga at 5:45am

I was home by 7:30am and there is something different about Yoga at that time of the morning. This morning I realised how amazing the savasana (rest) between poses is. Because of the heat I hadn’t thought much about it because mostly I’d been stopping and going what’s next…oh no not that pose. This morning I rested, cleared my mind, meditated. Nothing can beat the exhilaration flowing through your body at that moment and I’d been missing it!


I haven’t felt this in a while but today I feel balanced. I feel happy and light, not really a trace of stress in my body. Wish this feeling would last!

Coveting Juicers instead of Handbags

A cold-pressed juicer will be top of my christmas wishlist…it’s just deciding now which one to get. I have a lot more research to do.

The Universe

Things just kept happening this week that changed my blog posts, my outlook in life, priorities and my reading list! There is a direction in which I am going, destination unknown but my life is flowing beautifully. Loving the journey.

My Little Boy Knowing What’s Important

This week my ten month old Leo said “Mo” meaning more. He has some appetite that kid and he bypassed the boring old “Mama” word for this beauty. He knows what he wants, Mama’s already there – why bother to say that first! He’s also pretty tough. Got his first black eye yesterday hanging out in that dangerous children’s section of the library. He pulled a chair down and got a black eye. Mummy was more upset than he was.


I was getting bored of it but…I can tweet people I admire (like an author) and tell them how much I love their book…and they probably read it. How cool is that!

Have an awesome day xx



    1. Totally. I brought up the subject at dinner, “Honey, I feel so great, so balanced, so capable…I could do it every morning.”
      “I couldn’t.” Apparently getting up at the crack of dawn with the kids is not my husbands idea of balance!

    1. I have heard they are…I think there are I heart my vitamix stickers! I think the thermo can do what the vitamix can (?) I want a cold-press juicer for the thin juices to make juices like cucumber, pear, apple and carrot less chunky. The cold pressing keeps the enzymes and vitamins and minerals in tact.

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