My Love List

Today’s Mantra: Life unfolds at its own pace. 

This week I am loving:

Walking like a French Woman

Sometimes getting dressed is half the battle for exercise. Yesterday I just took my dogs and the pram and my ballet flats and started to stroll.

I had a dress on but that didn’t stop me. Being outside is good for the soul and once in the great outdoors I always find I want to do more. Go farther than planned, stop at the park for some fun.

I felt a little less dignified as I strolled with my baggy of dog poo desperately searching for a bin…but you can’t have everything.

There May Be More Energy Out There For Me

I went to a naturopath this week, my first ever visit and he told me my Pineal gland was not working properly, affecting my hormones and making me fatigued and fuzzy-headed.

I joked I thought that was because I had kids. He nodded and said that I will see an immense improvement on a few different vitamins. I am looking forward to seeing if that is true.

I also was slightly paranoid about the numbness in my leg (muscle degenerative disease?) but he assured me it was a pinched nerve and tried to fix it for me. It’s better this morning but not completely healed.


Quicker to power through than books and loaded with information I have been enthralled as I continued to learn this week.

I watched Food Matters and Hungry for Change. Both worth watching, though Hungry for Change I felt was a little repetitive and didn’t bring to me a lot of new information (simply because I’ve spent the last couple of years learning about additives, processed foods and the impact of sugar).

Kindy Make-Up Days

We all know that parenthood and illness don’t go together. This week, though I have dragged myself through most of my activities, I was pretty happy that Julian had been booked in for some extra kindy days.

It’s nothing much, just a sore throat and slight cold but it’s my bodies way of telling me to stop. Kind of hard to do with a baby and little boy in the house.

So thank you kindy for taking my little munchkin and entertaining him while I try to mend.


I’ve had a few new people to the site over the last week and some of them stumbled upon one of my old posts The Present

Now I said a few weeks ago that I was disappointed in people on the internet using it for adult bullying (or expressing negative opinions in extremely negative ways) but I negated to say that overwhelmingly people are good, lovely and kind. 

I appreciate and hold close to my heart every gorgeous comment about the loss of my daughter Sophia and it means more to me than you will ever know and more than I can put into words… so thank you.

Nature’s Determination

I have been staring at the Frangipani at my front door for weeks. Mostly horrified that I killed it. The barren, stick-like plant had stared me down, begging for water but most of it’s calls for help were ignored. I was busy, I forgot, the jug was out but I got side-tracked and now it was dark and the sound of the door wakes the little one….

But this week a miracle. Despite all odds the plant started to change. At first a green tinge on the ends of the sticks that I wasn’t entirely sure hadn’t been there before but yesterday…leaves!

The Sound of My Children’s Laughter

It’s better than the sound of waves breaking, birds singing and silence.

I am grateful that it is something so easily solicited from them, like it bubbles against the surface of their beings at all times.


How is your love list looking this week?


  1. I love it when you do these posts! I am loving the great big salad I really wanted and made time to make for my lunch today – I am LOVING learning more about health and nutrition and in turn, feeling better every day – I am loving sunshine, chai lattes and the new RED Salt Water Sandals I bought today…perfect for walking like a french woman!

  2. Just looked up the sandals – very cute! Have you got the mini-me versions for the girls? I love hearing about your loves too. Makes me happy 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed Food Matters (and felt the same as you about Hungry for Change). Try Forks Over Knives and Food Inc if you haven’t seen either, Food Inc. was especially eye opening (read: depressing). May you feel better this weekend and enjoy the smiles those two little cherubs give you each day! As for my love list it involves a whole whack of gratitude, a love for pomegranate and pockets of silence to get lost in a book. *sigh* 🙂

    1. Thanks for the recommendations and it sounds like I need to try pomegranate. Just finished the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed…review to come but if a book can personify silence and being alive at the same time this is it.

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