My Idea of Romance Has Changed

I’ll give you two scenarios and you tell me what you would choose?

So your hubby…..

Comes home bearing flowers. A bottle of champers. A take-away dinner for you and him once the little ones are safely tucked in bed.


He comes home. Assesses the situation. Takes the kids off your hands. Bathes them. Reads them stories. Puts them to bed. Comes downstairs and does the dishes you were too tired to do and a load of washing.

Which one makes you think “I’m In Love with my Husband!!”


Also couldn’t resist making my own one of these……to prove my point.



  1. Too funny! Sadly, I can’t say I excel at either all the time, but I try, that has to count for something! And with my weekly bootcamp, I’m down from 200 to 195 pounds, so while you can’t tell since I’m not sculpted, I am mostly muscle…mostly. :> And since I don’t excel at either, I don’t take my wife for granted and realize how lucky I am!

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