My Chiro is a Psychic?

I”m a sceptic that wants to be a believer.

I love Chiro, I truly believe that when I was pregnant, I barely felt any back pain because of regular spinal adjustments. This was my third pregnancy, so I have things to compare against, and my back felt amazing.

I’m still going. I carry a 17kg child, quite regularly, on my hip, plus the baby. I stick my hip out, like most of us do, to avoid back pressure. Day to day, this feels better to me than a sling or a baby carrier, which centres more on the shoulders, neck and the back.

I walk into the chiro and she says…you’ve had him on your hip again. I’m just standing in reception and she can tell…or is she just surmising as most psychics would? I’d say majority go to psychics for death or broken/lonely herarts…maybe with chiro its pregnancy and early babyhood.

”You’ve stopped exercising”’,  she says, …aaagh, I haven’t been to yoga in a month, the weekend’s been frantic and the nights are dark. Psychic? Surmising? Or medicine.

Either way she adjusted me and I feel amazing…and I’m going to get in a yoga class or two…rain, hail or shine.


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