My Book Is For Sale!!

What a weekend.

I woke up this morning (ridiculously early – thanks Leo) beaming from ear to ear. We did it!

On Saturday my book, which I wrote with my best friend, Rebecca Trettel went on sale!!

How To Become One Healthy Mama is officially ready to be purchased. To buy our book you can head over here it’s just $9.95 and full of goodness and wisdom we have gleaned on our healthy journey.

But a word of caution.

Take it slow and be gentle with yourself.

We aimed this book at Mamas so we know you are busy. We know you don’t have time to get to five different grocery stores and make everything from scratch.

So we’ve outlined alternatives, resources and pantry guides for you to make these changes as easily as possible.

But still be gentle with yourself. There is nothing worse than stressing over your food – it makes it harder to digest and the gorgeous nutrients you are eating are eliminated by the fight or flight response taking over your body.

I say this because I woke up exhausted today. Drained but happily so 🙂

There is little energy for top notch meals. Luckily the ingredients in my house and in my pantry are workable and nutrient dense. So my household diet probably  looks a lot like everybody else’s – eggs for breaky, cucumber, cheese and apple for morning tea, a nut butter sandwich for the kids lunch and a baked potato for me.

Easy – simple.

Even though I had an urge to push through my energy reserves and make the kids a soup or a kid-friendly salad – I kept reminding myself that I was tired, that I needed to take it easy, that it was ok to release control and just let this be.

The key to being healthy is being educated (buy the book for that!), thinking of food as a pleasure not a sin and ultimately being kind to yourself. Always 🙂

Below are some of the gorgeous pictures from the book launch and expo that we held yesterday.



  1. Yay! So missing WA right now as I would have been there with bells on! I will share your new book on my page today as I think all mum’s would be grateful for the information you guys have shared – well done, very proud x

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