My 2012

The best thing about coming up to the New Year is being able to reflect on the year gone by. I don’t think we stop and marvel enough about life and it’s ebb and flow.

So here is my attempt at summing up 2012….

This year was pretty special, especially as I started my blog, which is the biggest leap my writing career has had thus far. A big thank you to those of you reading this – you have made my year!

I learned a lot about myself:

I still can’t bake; My child (and husband) calls me grumpy Mummy when I am tired, disorganised or have over committed myself ; I hate organising children’s parties.; I can get “over-enthusiastic” about health – the death stares that my husband got while eating a Tim Tam were probably unnecessary; I can’t craft to save my life; I probably won’t give up coffee in this lifetime; I don’t think I will ever utter the word detox again.

Despite all this I am good Mum, Wife, Friend, Daughter and Person and that’s what counts.

My favourite moments of 2012:

Watching Leo take his first steps; Seeing Julian off to kindy and becoming a “big boy”; Our first child-free holiday; Learning (via statistics on wordpress) that people actually read my blog; Seeing Leo recover well from his grommet surgery and sleep through the night; Dancing at the Eagles ball with my husband; Big girl’s night out – first one after having Leo.

I am happiest when:

I am writing; I am with my family and friends; I am relaxed and allowing myself to be free; laughing till I cry; having a champagne; cuddling my children; eating healthy food.

In 2012…..

Julian went from this….


to this……


Leo went from this…….



We had a few events….


I had a girl’s holiday….

And rekindled the romance with my hubby……


We had a few holidays…….


And hung out with friends……..

We tried to get some sleep….


And did our best to be good parents…..


I tried to keep everybody healthy….



And Julian learned how to be a good big brother and cousin….

My beautiful kids


I am excited to go into this new year full of energy and without as much sleep debt. Surely that will make for a more focused approach to life?

I feel like last year was about making sure my children’s needs were met (regardless of what that meant to my well-being) but this year we will be on more even footing.

So this year I hope and wish:

To be more organised in my house – a place for everything and everything in it’s place

To move my love of reading cookbooks to a love of making things from cookbooks

To spend more time and energy on growing my blog

To complete a couple of book projects on the go and get them out into the world

To make fun a priority

And above all I hope my loved ones are as healthy, happy and safe at the end of 2013 as they are going into it. 

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read the words I put down and Happy New Year!


  1. Love your blog. I wish I could write like you. Thank you for sharing your life in words and pics. Don’t try to change what you did/experienced in 2012. Kaos on the home front is good, it’s what we thrive on and learn from. Makes us realise we are stronger than we thought. You are a great Mum and wife even if your grumpy sometimes. Can’t wait for your 2013 blog. xxxx

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