Mummy Moments

We all have them. We think we won’t. That we’ll be more empathetic, refined and under-control but we do these things because it comes with the territory.

Mummy Moment #1

The School Drag (as seen by many other Mums who chuckle to themselves because they are thanking God it wasn’t their turn today)

“I don’t wanna go to school.”

“Get out of the car now!”


Child is dragged screaming and kicking to school (where once there he plays happily and you are told by teacher he is no trouble).

Mummy Moment #2

The Poo Scream

That moment where your tiny child bursts into tears and freaks out because Mummy is screaming and won’t stop.

He has no idea why but he knows he is in trouble and it’s breaking his heart.

Mummy can’t get a handle on herself because there is POO in the bath.

Mummy Moment #3

That’s a naughty word. He said the wrong thing. He knows it, you know it. But you have to laugh. So does he.

That’s when you get a hold of yourself and bring on the discipline and he doesn’t know what’s hit him.

Then you run downstairs to laugh about it with your husband.

Mummy Moment #4

You get out the paint stuff. You pat yourself on the back for being good Mummy. He misses the paper and puts it on the table. That’s ok, your fault, you forgot to put newspaper down. And you forgot his smock.

Ok smock on, newspaper down.

He accidentally tips all the paints onto the floor and the paintbrush lands in your lap. That’s ok, we can clean that up. Off you go to get some water and a sponge.

When you get back he’s taken off his smock, he’s left all the paints and he’s in the playroom. He’s finished painting.


Mummy Moment #5

You’re making dinner. You’ve had five choruses of “We’re hungry.” There’s some screaming going on. There’s some tugging. Some pulling. A little person that has squeezed himself between you and the hot oven.

More screaming.

“Stop it.”

“Get out of the kitchen.”

“Dinner’s not ready!!”

The sixth chorus begins and you lock yourself in the pantry.

Not ALL of these have happened to me THIS week.Β 

Enjoy your little darlings and remember we’re out there – other Mama’s just like you.Β 




  1. I am laughing (now) right along with you….pity those poo stains don’t look like they’re coming out of the bath mat (thought continuing the story would have been a bit….shitty)

  2. πŸ™‚ i hear you!!! the painting one happend to me this week. I nearly threw all the paint stuff in the bin and stomped off! Very mature

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