Mr Independence

Today’s Mantra: People move to their own beat

I LOVE that Julian is beginning to do things on his own.


The toilet thing I was hanging out for. When, oh when, would he go on his own? When would I stop having to put down whatever I was doing and race to the loo with him. He’s been doing a pretty good job going by himself but I always check before visitors come over, especially now that he’s decided standing up is the preferred method of peeing.

Unfortunately last night my husband walked into the toilet, without shoes on…..

Not such a proud parenting moment.

My littlest one Leo is also making his independence known. He has discovered that if he gets on all fours and then flattens himself to the floor, he can move forward by desperately pressing his hands down and pulling forward.

He is also sitting by himself longer and being more vocal (read: grumpy) when he is doing something that was not in his plan.

My gorgeous boys are growing up 🙂

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