Moving On…

Today’s Mantra: Positive thinking will bring you positive outcomes

Ok, so I have had my rant and no longer want to hear myself talk about sick children. If I follow the advice on “The Secret” I am probably attracting more sickness to my house by thinking (and blogging) about it incessantly.

You know what?

I am incredibly lucky. My children can feel sunshine on their faces, are growing up strong and will give you a grin in a second. We have a lot more than most.

Moving on….

Continuing my health research and education, it seems that everywhere I turn there is infomation to prove we need to be cutting things from our diet.

Quitting sugar is a huge buzz word right now. If you are doing this, plus you are gluten free and lactose intolerant you are bang on trend.

But what do you eat?

It sounds more complicated than it actually is. I don’t claim to be doing any of these things but by continuing my wholefood and organic journey these kind of meals are happening more and more for me.

Typical meals:

Fillet steak, green beans and a salad.

Baked fish and roast vegetables


Poached egg with baked beans

Oysters (though it has been a long time!)

Chilli Mussels

Salads with some kind of protein (tuna, chicken, egg)




Vegetable Sticks

Avocado dip

The thing is I don’t believe I need to go gluten free, dairy free or sugar free. I know (from my disastorous detox experience) that it will make me obsessive and crave what I can’t have.

I still like my coffeee with a dash of milk. I eat bread. I like butter in my mashed potato.

So what I am trying to say to all those Mothers out there interested in changing their family’s health habits (well those who are lucky enough not to have with children or family members who are gluten or lactose intolerant)…is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Make little changes.

Make wholefoods a priority.

Then enjoy your desert without a side of guilt


Just about to head off for my first run with the Mountain Buggy and child in tow. Wish me luck!


  1. Wholefoods for the win!

    RE: Cravings. My personal experience has been that those cravings actually screeched to a halt after a few months, and when I’d broken through that point, my body was feeling so spectacularly different that the stuff I removed (dairy and all processed foods) seemed fundamentally unappetizing!

    It’s funny, I was a dairy-loving vegetarian for nine years: cheese was my boyfriend and I was in looooove, baby. For a long time I honestly though that life without dairy was an unnecessary mission and that it wasn’t doing any damage to my body at all, which is the silliest of assumptions when you think about it: How could I know it wasn’t doing damage when I’d never experienced my body without it? It has been an eye opening health evolution so far, that’s for sure.

    These days, I am 99.5% dairy free, which for me means generally having no desire whatsoever to eat dairy (a seachange that still blows my mind) but still having a “junk food” night a few times a year when we eat out for a family birthday, when I tend to embrace the vegetarian/fish menus (dairy free/meat free options for restaurants in Wellington, New Zealand leave A LOT to be desired unfortunately!). I have more energy, am less groggy in the morning, get sick less often and have much better digestion. It’s great stuff šŸ˜€

    1. That’s really interesting. Was it all full fat dairy prior to quitting? I’ve been reading about the evils of low fat dairy at the moment. SO great your feeling good. I just know that when my 8 month old finally starts feeling great – the benefits of my refreshed diet will really shine through šŸ™‚ Right now I feel like its the only thing holding me together!

      1. Indeed, it was all shamelessly full fat dairy! I’ve never been a fan of the low fat stuff – if you’re gonna embrace dairy you might as well enjoy the best examples of it, I reckon. Guess I was a bit of a dairy snob :-p

        You are 100% inspiring, lady šŸ™‚ – your lil bub is a lucky one to have a mama who is determined to superpower her family with wholefoods.

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