Motherhood: It’s hard but we just keep learning

I’ve had little time for blogging lately and with the book and the launch I have truly got out of the habit.

My factual blogs on have come easily but the ones from the heart have been harder to pull out.

Because when you have a different focus or your priorities lie in another area, the heart gets harder to hear.

I know that I am truly blessed to live the life I lead and to be able to take care of my two gorgeous boys on a daily basis.

But I can get worn down.

I can try to say no but still cram too much into what little free time I have.

And I see this reflected in a lot of Mother’s I speak too.

Successful, happy, fulfilled…but busy and worn down.

Stressing to get to the happy moments (which sometimes may be after 7pm).

And then boredom.

Or exhaustion.

Or mayhem.

And the time I have been looking forward to all day is frittered away.

Without the presence I expected.

Without the joy felt.

Without the satisfaction of a good time had by all.

Sometimes it all ends in more stress and unhappy faces.

For me the lack of satisfaction lies in the expectations set up, maybe a lack of organisation and a severe lack of presence.

I am not letting the moments happen without expectation and they are unfolding the way I haven’t envisioned.

The meltdown at the “stress-free” burger dinner.

The talking back that has started.



The screaming that hasn’t stopped.


The nights you expect to sleep through but don’t.

It’s Motherhood and it’s beautiful but do you ever feel like this? 



  1. Exactly how I feel on many days, some more so than most but what gets me through is the knowledge that not every day will be the same… I also allow myself to be frustrated and unsatisfied, get angry and upset to let it all out rather than keep it inside to fester… I am so fortunate to have the life that I do appreciate it all but I am also human and am by no means perfect so I try to give myself a break when the negative feelings arise, they come and they go …. I’m sure we all agree life is a rollercoaster and the thrill is about the whole ride …. It’s great to hear someone else admit to these feelings as well …

  2. Yes indeed , motherhood has many facets , riding the waves keeps you sane , put everything down to experience and see it as part of life xx

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