Metaphysical Pain

Today’s Mantra: Feel the pain and do it anyway

I opened my eyes yesterday and I wish I hadn’t.

I had a killer headache, I felt sick and I couldn’t move my neck. I was awake even before the kids and I lay there praying that they would stay asleep.

Of course they didn’t.

I tried to piece together what happened and why I was lying on a blow-up bed that felt like a water bed.

I remember having friends over.

I remember wine.

I think I fell asleep downstairs.

Aaagh…that’s right Julian woke up screaming and Daniel just wouldn’t do. I forgot that the blow-up bed was not good for me and just lay there to get some peace.

Why does one night on a blow up bed ruin my body, causing knots, tension and restriction of movement?

Am I getting old?

Surely not.

I’m going to believe instead in metaphysical reasons for the pain and for it affecting me so much. I mean I slept on this bed a couple of weeks ago and was fine.

So the metaphysical reasons for upper back pain? I love looking them up – it’s cryptic and kind of a like a horoscope but can sometimes ring so true it’s scary….

Doing is important to me. It is my way of showing and giving love to others. If someone does something for me I feel loved and secure  but back pain is the perfect reason to not to do more as I fear that by doing too much others won’t help me. I expect a lot from others and when these expectations are not met I feel like I have a lot on my back. It can also mean that I feel like somebody is “on my back” all the time. 

So yesterday is over. Thank God. I got through it with a visit to the chiro, a heat pack and some laughter when the kids and my best friend did their own rendition of Gangnam style.

Oh and this hangover cure helped….

Coconut water, celery, carrot, cucumber, spinach and orange juice.


The monkeys will be off my back by Sunday when I get  on a plane and head off on a girls trip to Melbourne for four (sanity-saving) nights!!!



  1. Interesting!
    Louise Hay also talks about the metaphysical aspects of dis-ease. She teaches affirmations, whi I share here, in case you want to give them a try:

    Lower back: “I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.”

    Middle back: “I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.”

    Hope the time out in Melbourne will work wonders

  2. Yay! Enjoy Melbourne…let me know if you want any information or recommendations! As for the back pain…think about anxiety and ‘bracing yourself’ for what is happening…hope all is well soon xx

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