Make Peace With Your Plate – A Review

Today’s Mantra: I Am Enough

I wrote this a couple of days ago but life posts pushed it to the wayside, or maybe the universe did because I just watched an amazing, inspiring video and post shared by the author of the book I’ve reviewed. I need to share it.

Check out

The video is kind of long but the lady is funny and eventually gets to her point. Years of research into Connection has caused her to conclude that people are divided into two groups, those who think they are worthy (of love, happiness) and those who don’t. Those who believe they are worthy show vulnerability. This is because they are not afraid of who they are. Concluding with my mantra of today – I Am Enough.

Watch the video, read the post. Be inspired to show people who you are.

I think it’s what this blog is doing for me.

Now….onto the review.

Jessica Ainscough is one tough chick.

She got cancer in her arm. Her Doc’s said that her only option was amputation…and that wasn’t going to guarantee a happy outcome.

She took her health into her own hands and investigated every option. She went with Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment that activates the body’s ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.

She not only had the guts to go with natural therapy but she stuck it out, healed herself and launched the Wellness Warrior website which you can check out here. She became not only a cancer survivor but a role model, with the ability to help others by promoting  the wellness revolution.

She has written an e-book called Make Peace With Your Plate in which she promotes that once you start thinking about giving your body better nutrition then you will never have to think about losing weight again.

I bought it last week and read it in an hour.

The book has a ton of helpful tips on being your best self and doesn’t advertise any particular way of eating. It’s about feeding your body the least processed, ideally organic, natural foods.

I particularly liked her thoughts on how we got into this mess. We can communicate globally with the push of a button, access maps on our phones and share our lives through Facebook and Twitter but despite all the leaps and bounds in nutrition discoveries, have forgotten how to feed ourselves.

I did think it was kind of harsh on dairy and meat but I’ve read all that before and dismissed it. Maybe I will cut down a little more and see how that makes my body feel…

So have a read and it will make you think about food in an entirely different light.



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