Loving Motherhood

14 April 2012

Today’s Matra: Stop and smell the roses

Sometimes I feel like by multi-tasking I never get anywhere. Have you ever had a moment where you’re talking on the phone, unstacking the dishwasher and carrying a baby around and then you hang up on your friend because you’re shoulder gets in the way, drop a glass and then have to put the baby down (who starts screaming) to clean up the mess? Oh yeah, and you still have to call your friend back. I think sometimes that by trying to do to many things the only progress we make is increasing our stress levels. The scenario above happened to me last week and I called my husband to tell him to get home as “”I’m having a meltdown!””. That night I got my daily O email from the Oprah website and it was eerily titled, “”How to avoid having a meltdown.” Tip number one….stop multi-tasking. Genius.

So today is Saturday and I am trying to do one thing at a time. Unfortunately whilst I do that I feel guilty that Julian is still on the iphone and the house is still a mess. We can’t win can we? I did have a beautriful moment at lunchtime however when I opened the car door to the picture above. My little boys holding hands with each other. I wanted to cry. My oldest boy Julian is just so sweet.

The rest of the afternoon is shaping up to be wonderful with Daddy taking Julian to watch a football match next door and I’m heading out to the shops with my littlest shopping buddy.

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