Loving Everything You Do

Well, I feel like I’m still downloading the amazing information and emotional overload from the Just Breathe Wellness Retreat on the weekend.

I haven’t even had a chance to really check out my welcome pack yet!!

The main premise for me, which came through via a wonderful meditation class, an amazing yoga class, a raw food demonstration and the dynamic between all of us Mama’s on the retreat was:


Yes, even the washing.

Hannah from A Foodly Affair (un)cooked for us on Saturday night and blew us away with her wealth of health knowledge, her amazing  raw food and her loving nature. She stressed that the most important part of her cooking was that she does it with love.

school 039.jpg

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That had me thinking of the resentful, rushed, erratic way that I cook (and do a lot of other things). So I know, for me, that if I stop and be mindful and approach things with love then the day gets better (instantly).

So I have adopted this mantra and I have to say that the retreat was really nothing short of mind-blowing. The Mums Of Mandurah organisation, especially Nicole, did the most fantastic job of making us feel rested and taken care of.

So maybe doing things with love is the key to being a less stressed-out Mama.

It certainly beats practising being resentful (the more we do it the better we get!)

So choose love as your attitude and take every chance you can to really take care of yourself and Just Breathe 🙂


  1. Nice! It might also lead us to looking for ways we could love things more, like the washing, if we begin open to the prospect of loving it in the first place.

      1. Exactly. And we bitch and moan and the Universe is like “What! You asked for it!”. hehe

  2. It was such an amazing experience and I have felt amazing since I got home. I think my mind has been blown with all the new things I learnt. I loved meeting such amazing women all with a different reason for being there.

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