How can I describe accurately the beauty of this practice to you?

Does sitting somewhere, thinking of nothing sound a bit boring to you?

Or a bit hard?

Or frustrating as you have a million other places to be?

Maybe even embarrassing? What if someone walked in and saw you in lotus position …. weird right?

All these thoughts have run through my mind over the years. I used to hide my meditation practice. I used to get totally bored. I used to think of a million things I’d rather be doing. I also used to try my hardest to meditate “properly”.

But it was a practice I committed to because quite frankly, I had nothing else to turn to that had worked.

These thoughts in my head of not being good enough, perfect enough, doing enough, being enough were seriously driving me insane.

And so I’d sit. For five, ten, twenty minutes and regardless of my experience during meditation – which ranged from blissful to annoyed to bewildered – I would feel better afterwards.

Almost as if I’d downloaded my thoughts in a more organised way.

The thoughts rarely stop coming so don’t let that be an obstacle to you. Sometimes I sit there and all I do is try not to think, but all I do is think. Everyday is totally different and that’s ok.

It’s meant to happen.

But meditation literally changes your brain. It opens up centres in your mind and increases them in size. The centre for empathy, compassion, happiness.

It also reduces stress levels.

Restores energy.

Allows more love and abundance to flow into your life.

It makes you a nicer person.

There is nothing I enjoy more now than getting up, making my coffee and heading to my couch for twenty minutes.

I literally start every, single day like that. Regardless of how late I am or what is happening with the day.

Regardless of how many interruptions that I have had.

It’s totally worth it to me and I believe it will become totally worth it to you.