Being Present

Hi Beautiful,

I just wanted to talk to you about being present in your life.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I used to literally wish away my life.

I couldn’t wait till the next holiday, till I finished work, till I got to sleep, till I got a new job, got married, had kids, had another kid…..

I was literally never satisfied.

And it makes me wonder, where did I get that eternal optimism from? If this moment wasn’t great why did I always think that the next moment would satisfy me. Why did I think it was going to be the next moment that made me happy?

It was just wasting energy. My mind was happy to fritter my energy away in imagined realities and future tripping but I literally had no energy to deal with the present. To enjoy it.

When I realised it was time to focus on the now the world came into sharper focus. I started to notice the details of the trees, the smell of flowers, the passing of seasons through nature.

I now get to stare at my husbands face, feel my hand on my baby’s back as I rub it, marvel at the curve of my big boys jaw as he grows up. I get to feel the sensations in my body as I do these things.

The important things aren’t happening in our heads. They are not happening in our minds. They are not happening in our imagined future.  They are happening through our body and in the present moment.

It is possible to separate ourselves from our thoughts. In yoga they call it the witness. Where we can see our thoughts. Where we can be the observer. The witness is our true self. The one who is constant. The one who watches.

You can feel more present through the practice of yoga, through the practice of meditation.

I’m so excited to show you. Let me introduce you to a better way of living and knowing yourself.