Love List

This morning I am full of love.

I am still in my pj’s and my husband let me sleep in – on a work day. He got up with Julian at 6am and wandered downstairs with him. I woke up when he got in the shower at 7:30am. Pretty happy with that! Leo was still snoozing and got up fifteen minutes after me so we are all in pretty good moods.

This week there are some silly things and some pretty damn cool things on my love list…I’ll start with the coolest.

My Nephew Roman is on the cover of a magazine!

He looks exactly like this in real life. We had him over for a sleepover Saturday night and the boys had so much fun splashing in the bath together and trying to “speak” to each other. They even took synchronised naps and woke each other up chatting away from different rooms.

Saving Money

A week before Christmas I was dismally staring at the mould on the ring in my washing machine. Grossed out by it. I had tried to remove it but it wasn’t working. It was going to cost us $125 for the part and $150 for the guy to come out and install it.

My Zip Tap hot water tap had stopped working (it’s a unit installed in our house so we get instant boiling water and cold filtered watered). The number of times I went to make a cup of tea (no kettle in the house) or clean Leo’s dummy was infuriating. I didn’t realise how much I relied on it! I rang and they said it would be $120 call out, then $35 per 15 minutes that the guy was there fixing it. Great.

I called to check on my warranty for the ziptap and it had run out by six weeks, I checked on my washing machine but mould on the ring is not covered. What to do….

I rang Zip Tap again and asked them if they had a “grace period” on warranties….she rang her manager and called me back and they honoured my claim! Hello free hot water again.

I then had a brainwave regarding the mould. Maybe gumption would take it off (Enjo’s marble paste) ? My girlfriend tried it first, giving it some serious elbow grease and yep it all came off! Yay. I tried it and it took me forever but knowing that it would eventually come off helped me keep going.

Yes I am excited by the strangest things.

First Swim

Aaagh, finally it’s hot enough for the first swim of the season. Our tiny concrete pool was freezing (it’s thawed out this week and we have finally had a dip) so when we headed to a pool party on Saturday we were excited (for the kids, I wasn’t going in). Julian, not having had swimming lessons all year after he refused to go to the last ones, has taken a huge leap backwards and is fearful again of the water. I think it will take a couple of weeks to get back into the swim of things with him…..but Leo was a super star! He was jumping, splashing and laughing, despite the annoying headband and ear plugs he has to wear because of his grommets.

Photo: First swim at Georgie and Ollie's birthday!

A Different Piece of Art

We have some amazing pieces in our house, some by one of my best friends and one done by my Sister-in-law Jess. Now thanks to my other Sister-in-law, Carolina, Leo has something pretty special in his room. A painting by a Lion.



These are available from Chica Gifts and Home in Applecross for the Perth people.

Family Love

Jules has had quite the week with lots of fun with his Abuela and Nanna. He had a sleepover on Saturday night at Abuela’s and spent Monday and Wednesday with his Nanna.

He loves it and even though he did come back on Monday night as he wanted me (nightmare?), he is so lucky to have so many people that love him and want to spend time with him. I consider myself lucky for the help!

It does take a village….

Noni Juice

I bought this last week and it’s the first time in about six months I’ve had any in the house. Along with my superfood smoothies and juices I take a shot of this for health. The research claims that this juice has over 150 vitamins and minerals essential to the body to help in maintain optimum function.  This week I have got to watch the end of Grey’s Anatomy episodes instead of falling asleep as usual in front of the TV at 9:00pm. I don’t know if it’s the smoothies or the Noni but I am not stopping either to find out. I am looking forward to being full of energy this Christmas period!!



Have a wonderful and safe Christmas Period and I am sure I won’t be able to stay away from the computer so for those still checking in there will be a few more posts from me.



  1. What a great Love List – I am definitely trying that tip with the washing machine ring…mine has mould on it too and it drives me crazy…will never buy a front loader again! Merry Christmas!!!

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