Love List

Today’s Mantra: It Will All Get Done In Time

I have had a great week and love this time of year so the love list was easily compiled!

Health Talks Segment

I got around to watching the latest segment of this series this morning. These four health-mad woman were admitting that one size does not fit all when it comes to diet, that everyone is different and every body needs different things. They discuss their individual approach to health and I found it fascinating. 

Just recently I have complained of tiredness, little energy and weight-loss (not needed). Adjusting my diet in the last couple of weeks seems to have made a huge difference. I am eating a lot more pasta (thanks to my new pasta-maker) and more grains to bulk up my meals. I feel better and I am still on a non-processed, organic food lifestyle. I just made it work for me. 

Julian’s A Big Boy Now

My little boy’s growing up! I forgot to put a nappy on him one night last week he has stayed dry ever since, refusing a nappy when offered.  


Leo’s Climber Tendencies

Last week when he scaled the back of the couch and nearly went head first down the outside of it, I thought it was a fluke. Yesterday when I turned around at the playground and he’d scaled the lattice wall nearly as fast as his big brother I knew it was not. 

He’s a climber. 

I can choose to be scared of this or acknowledge that developmentally he is advanced in this area. Julian was not a climber and liked to keep pretty safe on the equipment but this time round I have a little daredevil. 

Just another part of his gorgeous self. 


Christmas Decorating

On the 1st of December I got up early with excitement. We could finally put the tree up and decorate!! As is the case every year not everyone had the same stamina or attention span and although I admit I was slightly frustrated the whole process took so long (again) I still love putting the tree lights on at night and looking at the decorated house with joy.


Frantic holiday season

I love this time of year for it’s socialising, catch-ups and general merriment.  It is harder with kids, finding a baby-sitter or getting my husband home in time for me to leave but that’s all part of the general feeling of happiness when you leave the house. I’ve escaped! 


In the last couple of weeks I have resigned myself to the fact that I am officially cooking in bulk. Frustrated with constantly being “surprised” at the size of my kids appetites I decided that I would just make more. So much more that we will have lunch for the next day or dinner for the next evening. 

This has been amazingly handy and I am kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner. When I remember that I have leftovers in the fridge after a day of kids activities or Christmas shopping (also with the kids), I am ecstatic. 

Hopefully your week was as fun!



  1. Don’t look at them as left overs, look at them as pre planned meals! Sometimes, if I am not so busy, I cook in bulk and freeze some. Then cook again the next day and freeze some. After three days or so, there are three or more extra meals in the freezer and I feel so deliciously time wealthy for a few days!

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