Love List

A Monday Love List. I didn’t do one last week, it was sitting in my brain ready to be written but with Leo’s birthday and party I simply did not get a second to sit in front of my laptop.

So today I have my life back.



A lot of people say they don’t have time to read but I think it’s a matter of priorities. I am lost without a book and happiest when enthralled in a good story. If I had to choose between TV (which I am a big fan of if it is the right show) and books, it would be books every time. For me they are my greatest form of enjoyment and entertainment.


I am itching to put the tree up. My fingers have skipped to the Buble christmas album a few times but I am yet to play it. I have some new baubles for around the house. The kids are going to be beside themselves when I get the new advent calendar (more like a wooden santa mailbox) out.

I can’t wait for the 1st of December. It’s nearly here!

New Toys

As much as we don’t need new toys,  the promise of that new box is exciting. It could hold hours of enthralment for my children….meaning free time for Mummy! I am actually excited about my project this week: Putting together some of their older or similar toys and shipping them off to other houses (my Mum and Dad’s place) and getting some semblance of order in this toy shop…I mean house.



Yesterday after a weekend of parties, a lot of party food and a lot of running around we came home and my husband took Julian to The Wiggles. Leo exhausted from all the activity, slept for three hours. I had the house to myself and there was nothing I needed except silence. Blessed quiet where no one spoke to me.


I never really thought much about it before, being Australian, but what a great holiday to stop, spend time with your family with the sole purpose of giving thanks for all you have and appreciating how lucky you are. Brilliant.

Fresh Food

After what seems like an eternity (three days) of party food and on-the-fly dinners I am looking forward to a lot of fresh food this week. I had a huge juice yesterday packed with spinach, cucumber, watermelon, pineapple and orange and my body was so grateful. Even my husband specified on Saturday night that we needed to order some veges in our Chinese takeaway!


Cheers to a great week!


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