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Today’s Mantra: Today Will Be Awesome

These are getting to be my very favourite posts. It gives me a chance to review the week and pick out all the positives. Honestly there are usually so many that I need to pick out just the most relevant ones.It leaves me with a feeling that life is good. It’s a good exercise for everyone to do and I love hearing yours too.

Roman The Star

My little nephew (1st row, second baby) has been flown to Sydney as he is a finalist to become a magazine cover star. Fingers crossed for him!

Julian Sleeping Through

I haven’t mentioned being up through the night much lately have I? A week or two ago I called Ngala (parenting hotline, I have them on speed dial) and said that I thought we had done all their techniques correctly but he was still getting up during the night. She asked me what he was scared of, I told her:

  1. His clock
  2. His ‘jamas (pjs)
  3. All the toys in his room

“Um..” She says, “He’s having you on.”

“Excellent.” I say, “Time to get tough.”

One night of screaming and bad behaviour later and he is proudly sleeping through the night. He has woken up twice since then and both times I was able to pop into his room, tuck him in nicely and he went to sleep without any trouble.


He was having us on.

Mind Over Matter

So I woke up today not tired and pretty bloody happy. No reason, nothing’s changed. Except I did read this article last night about giving yourself a “no complaining for 21 days challenge”. Hmmm….I have been complaining a lot lately. I thought to myself, “tomorrow is going to be awesome.”

Lo and behold it is.


I CANNOT wait until tonight. We (myself and 30 friends) have rented out the entire Gold Class theatre. We receive champagne and canapes on arrival and food while we are watching the movie I have been waiting a whole year for- Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! Go TEAM EDWARD!!

Stonefruit Season

Loving the peaches and nectarines I have been getting in my organic fruit and veg box. It’s the first time Leo has tasted them and he is already a fan.


How is your love list shaping up?


  1. What a great idea – and Yes, if I look back at the week, life is actually pretty cool. Positives this week – Finley started pre school and loves it, we made rice crispy cakes to celebrate, enjoyed my first glass of wine since arriving in Dubai, AND coffee with new friends 😉

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