Love List

Oh, I have been so slack with these lists but not my gratitude!

I spent the week writing my universe list and being grateful and you wouldn’t believe the “coincidences” I’ve been experiencing. All is nice in my world 🙂 If you want to see part of my list you can go to here to my vision board on pinterest. 

Lorna Jane Active Gear

How gorgeous is the stuff in Lorna Jane? It really makes me want to get active so what better than a massive sale (and minor spree) to motivate me further? 


Spring Clean

The drawers are emptied and tidied, the cupboards will now open and even my receipts have been filed away. I love the fresh start that spring seems to give us to really get organised and de-clutter. 


If you missed Jamie Oliver’s comments in the media about the British poor feeding themselves and their children crap food whilst watching TV on a huge flatscreen then catch up here. I don’t judge but eating the best quality food is my priority now and that takes top billing over the rest of my spending. 


I am so  proud of my husband and his clean eating efforts this week. It has been relatively easy to eat this way and I have found myself with more time in the afternoons to get the house in order and play with the kids. Last night we had lamb cutlets and leftover roast vegies – a ten minute meal! Eggs for breaky every morning was getting a bit old so I was pretty impressed with myself for whipping up a pear and apple crumble yesterday (topping of macadamias, cashews, almonds, coconut oil and maple syrup 🙂 ) The burnt bit was because Leo likes to walk past and turn the oven up to 250 degrees when I am not looking! 

Photo: It's a tiny bit burnt as a tiny person walked past and turned the oven up....but apple crumble for breaky is delicious! #paleo #wholefood #beonehealthymama

I think the most important thing in life to remember is that there is always something to smile about xx





    1. I just think about my dreams and my wants, near and far and pop them down on my Pinterest board and on a list of things that I would like.
      I think otherwise you lose focus and then when you put them down you are working towards them and when you get them it’s still like an amazing surprise but the universe and your energy have just made it happen xxx

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