Love List

I haven’t written a love list in a couple of weeks. My head has been too full of stories and tales to just keep it short, simple and grateful.

But today I feel like thanking the world for quite a few things.

New clothes

I am hopeless at keeping things stain free. I am carefree about what my kids are wearing and what they are eating…until the stains don’t come out. I’m looking at you pumpkin soup, green juices and beetroot.

So I am eternally grateful to my Mother and Mother-in-law who are amazing enough to keep buying the kids clothes.

I also still send out the really stained stuff in bags to my Mum to get the stains out.

Yep, I’m not quite all grown up yet 🙂

Jamie Oliver 

I could write a whole post on him but you might get bored of me waxing lyrical about him (I think I have a crush).

What I wanted to say was I believe we are just so used to him campaigning for real food, for better food in kid’s schools and for revolutionsing the way we see food that we forget to be thankful.

I was on his food revolution website yesterday and just reading through the power point presentations he provides for YOU to be the change at your school and looking through his manifesto and the government hoops he jumps through to try and make a difference to how the next generation is fed.

Yes his food is delicious.

But this guy is changing the world. 

Below are pictures of my family at Jamie’s Kitchen – salad comes with the kids meals as does a badge proudly declaring they have eaten all their greens – genius!


It’s in the mail. It’s heading over to me. It’s going to change the way I see food. Soon I’ll be making sweet potato crisps, zucchini noodles, apple slices and gorgeous looking salads.

If you don’t know what it is – it is an amazing vegetable slicer and dicer and spiral. (image from

Kids Books from Hay House

I wanted some thought provoking, confidence-giving books for the kids that have really great messages about self-love and being kind. Who better to turn to than the people at Hay House. I’ve ordered some by Wayne Dyer and the gorgeous Louise Hay.

And just a a few more things:

Sunshine; family; friends; children’s laughter; tickles; sleep; love; happiness; dancing; health; herbal tea. 



Wishing you joy, happiness and giggles today 🙂 


  1. he knows how to provide for kids too so not hard work to take the wee ones to his restur, must be having his own brood!

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