Love List

I woke up this morning squished in between my three year old and my husband. I had an elbow at my back, digging in. The covers were suffocating me and I had no way of kicking them off without  removing the doona from one of them. I chose my husband. He didn’t notice. I didn’t have a pillow, my head fell in between the space between the two pillows on our Queen size bed.

To be honest I woke up and thought, “Crap, another whole day with the kids.”

Because yesterday was hard. Yesterday was long. Yesterday there were items that weren’t toys floating in the bath. Yesterday the carpet was decorated in a very undesirable way. Yesterday Leo just was not HAPPY. Whatever I did.

It doesn’t take me long to come up with a new plan and seeing as it is Love List day I will start off with my wonderful morning.

Dinosaur Hunting

I paid $25 to see a tiny exhibit of moveable dinosaurs. Both kids were scared and Julian too concerned to listen to any of the dinosaur trivia I was trying to read him. We had more fun at the playground, waiting for the exhibit to open.

But it was  beautiful day. We got out. There were some laughs and lots of cuddles.


Project Kitchen

If you read my article this morning over at Flora Organica, Follow Your Inner Guide, you would know that my project this week has been making my kitchen non-toxic. I’m over-hauling the plastics and non-stick stuff and have bought a frypan (that comes with its own bag…fancy!) from All Clad and some eco-cocoon cups. I am heading to an eco-fair tomorrow to hopefully find some kids plates and other items.



Gabriel Bernstein

I am loving anything Gabriel Bernstein at the moment. I have a meditation by her, I’ve been watching videos like this one, about how to Manifest What You Want and I am desperate to read her book May Cause Miracles.

But I haven’t read the book club book yet……

So besides all these cool (and not so cool) things that have happened to me this week I’ve enjoyed:

Hanging out with girlfriends at dinner last night, we laughed a LOT

Seeing Dolphins on holiday in Mandurah – too cool

Watching my kids laugh, smile and cry – its the cycle of life

Getting a mini-facial and pedi

Watching my husband get super-excited about his suped-up car

Catching up with a girlfriend from London over dinner at my place


I hope you had a beautiful week. Enjoy the weekend x


  1. The ‘Crap another day with the kids’ is a thought I have had too. I agree, it is a good idea to get out on those days if you can. Sounds like you had a productive week 🙂

  2. I too have had that thought…the there is 14 hours to go before they go to bed thought! I love how pro-active you are at improving the situation for everyone…even if its not perfect 🙂 I can’t wait to see your kitchen finds x

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