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When I was younger I used to get in trouble from my parents for asking.

“Don’t ask to go to that party, you know you can’t go.”

“Don’t ask for that second biscuit, the rule is one only.”

I used to think it was totally unfair – they can only say no right? But on the parenting side of things – they were thinking – you already know the answer – surely? So my questions were irritating.

Now I kind of have the same problem.

I had my children and I wanted to do things but I didn’t ask. I didn’t ask myself for permission to do these things, I didn’t ask my husband if it was something we could work out and so I missed out.

Missed out on the opportunities that I could have taken to be more me.

So that is why I am super-excited this week that so many ideas have popped into my head about making my life easier, better, more fun.

A Working Weekend with my Bestie

With five little kids between us we managed to write a book and it’s in the process of being put together. Time to put our heads together to market, get the website going, sort out the facebook page but….who has the time?

Enter the working weekend. We just ticked off all the permissions we need so we are going to have a coffee-and green juice-fuelled weekend (well one night and one day really) of super-exciting hard work.

An Upcoming Birthday

I have a birthday coming up and I feel like 33 is going to be an AMAZING year. SO to celebrate I bought myself two pairs of new boots. 33 isn’t even here yet and I am off to a good start!

Dream Come True

Also knocked a little something off my dream board from a couple of years ago (well, it’s parked in my garage so close enough!)

I am on the verge of finding a date and booking a holiday at the amazing place below with my Hubby – kid free!!


Also if the dates and stars align I might just find myself hanging out in the bush with some Kindy Mums

Self contained accommodation Yallingup

So Universe….just putting it out there…..I keep imagining myself here…..

At the Gwinganna Organic Health and Lifestyle Retreat. I don’t know who I’ll end up there with or how I am getting to Queensland or when but I can’t wait!!!

My Yoga Home

I’ve tried the others. I’ve tried closer. I’ve tried cheaper. I’ve tried hotter. I’ve tried longer.

I just LOVE the Yoga classes at Next Generation King’s Park. It’s swanky, expensive, a little further than I’d like from my place but I think I am joining again. The class times suit, the instructors are amazing…and if I don’t feel like stretching I can go swim, go dance, play tennis or run.

So I’d been thinking about this for a while, then they sent me a We Miss You deal.

Luckily for them I miss them too.

Happy Drinking? 

My head hurts a teeny, tiny bit today from the champagne last night at my Thermomix demo (I just had to have the second bowl which they were offering for half price this month!).

Twice this week I have been at the bottle shop (which sounds like quite a lot actually…) and I was talking to the two different staff members in these shops. They both knew their wine. When I asked for organic wine they both warned me of the evils of sulfur, (224 is not so bad but 220 is apparently the one you don’t want in your wine) which is still in organic wine.

It’s something I wasn’t really aware of.

So I walk into my health shop this morning and I see this…..



Apparently it eliminates sulphur! You just spray it into your wine. My husband will be thrilled that I will be carrying this to restaurants with me! 

I’ll let you know if it works.


I hope you’ve had an amazing week. Enjoy the weekend and for Perth people, the start of the school holidays – Aaaagh!



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