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It’s been a beautiful (short) week and I am looking forward to hitting the Farmer’s Markets shortly and then I’m getting my hair done and heading to Nobu tonight with my bro and sister-in-law for a much overdue good night out with them! Very excited. But before I do all that here is a list of things that I have been loving this week:


I’ve been a bit obsessed with Pinterest this week. I’ve wanted to update my vision board for a while. So I used pinterest to just pin everything I want to attract into my life and images that just speak to me.

You can check it out here.

(Image from Pinterest)


Bloggers I’ve been loving: 

What do I do when I have a few moments to myself? I read blogs…..this week it’s been:

The NaughtyNaturopathMum’s Gut Health Series which you can read here. Your gut is your second brain believe it or not and good gut health is the start of a better health journey.

My good girlfriend has FINALLY started a blog and I have been loving the healthy food tips. You can read Natuopop’s blogs here.

Melissa Ambrosinis Glamping: I am desperate to go to this place and have a lovely child free holiday in “nature”. Don’t you think it just looks amazing?



This week’s Flora Organica contribution was about my experience of the Deepak and Oprah meditation challenge. I loved it! You can read about my experiences in my article, In Stillness We Find Ourselves,  here.

Coconuts and Juices

I love finding places that sell vegetable juices or smoothies and health food. I haven’t looked very hard in Perth yet, I’ve seemed to just go to the same haunts, disappointed each time I can’t get what I want. Watch this space for updates on the best places in Perth for organic and healthy food. If you know of any I should visit please leave a comment.

Support and Wisdom

Being part of the blogging world at the moment is like being part of a big warm hug. There are AMAZING women out there, being honest, being authentic and supporting each other. I have been lucky enough to be part of a couple of incredible groups of women online that just give and give to each other. There is enough space for everybody to have success and we just keep upping each other, and the ante. Love it.

I hope you’ve had a beautiful week and enjoy the weekend xx


  1. hi, I dont have any recommendations personally, but are you familiar with the blog, My Darling Lemon Thyme? I am sure Emma, who lives in Perth , would have some fabulous suggestions…

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