Love List

Aagh Friday. I think I’m still recovering from Thursday.

Yep it’s been a tough week. Down with a virus Tuesday night/Wednesday and then I bounced back Thursday. I was so full of beans that I agreed to go walking with my Mum, after school, with both kids and the dogs.

Obviously I’m nuts.

It wasn’t a small walk, it was a 3.5km round trip. No going back once you had started either. We congratulated ourselves on getting out in nature, picking this beautiful spot and how well the kids and dogs were doing. Julian was on his scooter.

I didn’t have a double pram. Yes, even you can tell that’s a recipe for disaster but we blindly walked on.

It took about twenty minutes of the 45 min walk to tire Julian, who then jumped on the end of the pram. It took five minutes for Leo to start kicking him because he was cramping his space and about ten minutes for a full on meltdown. We were about half way round.

We ended up getting him in the pram on his own and carrying Leo but he was not happy that it was me carrying Leo, Mummy had to push him. So my poor Mum is carrying a ten kilo weight around the lake and I’ve got the dogs and a pram that has more weight in it than it should. We tried to stealthily swap the baby between us but Julian went nuts if he saw me holding Leo and he would meltdown again.

And all that was BEFORE I lost my keys. Yep, couldn’t find them, anywhere. Couldn’t realistically re-trace my 45 minutes of steps so after ten minutes of searching and running back to the playground where Julian had been rifling through my bag, I looked around and started to formulate a plan whereby I leave kids and dogs and take my Mums car to my house…but then realised I didn’t have keys to get in without my keyring. I then called my best friend who has a spare key and just as she told me she wasn’t home and couldn’t help, I found them, in a pocket, in my bag. Oh, Thank God.

So I am very thankful this week for hidden pockets and my learning experience on after school-type activities.

Other items on my love list are:

Lucy’s Weight Loss

My biggest loser has finally lost some weight. We hope it’s been the beach runs and the exercise. She’s lost more in three weeks than she has in six months of diet dog food…..

The downside of the vet visit? I now have to brush their teeth to help alleviate dental disease.



Night’s to Myself

The full (spectator) sports calendar that my husband upkeeps can sometimes be a pain (I have to put both the kids down – again!) but tonight I am excited. I have the last quarter of a book to read, some blogs to catch up on and some meditation by candlelight to keep me busy. I made dinner at lunch time so all I need to do now is get the kids in bed early and bliss out.


I hate air conditioning. It makes me freeze, feel vaguely fluey and dry out my skin. I hate putting it on in the kids room, especially at night but sometimes it’s simply too hot. We regretted our decision not to mar our pretty ceilings with fans, so this week we got them installed!

Looking forward to cool breezes now instead of arctic winds at night.

Super Soul Sunday

Love Oprah. Love Brene Brown. Love authentic people and LOVE this conversation.


Let’s face it. TV rocks. So do balloons, toys and anything else that occupies the kids whilst you get stuff done.


This Quote



Have an amazing weekend. What’s on your love list this week? 


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