Love List

SOOO many exciting things happening in my world this week.

Although I am shortly going to post a story about knife-wielding toddlers and pasta-snaring dogs, I do have a fairly extensive love list!

My Free E-Book is coming

It’s been written, edited, highly improved and then I was stumped by making it pretty. Enter my sister-in-law, the creative whiz.

Let’s just say it’s looking 100% better!


Dancing With My Baby

Rihanna was our muse today and we spent a good half hour bopping together. God I love to see him do that funny dance of his. Also I’m pretty sure I got the first garbled I love you!

Food Stylin….

THE book is getting closer to being a finished product. This morning was spent cooking up a storm and having it photographed by an incredibly talented photographer, Dana from Bloom Pixels. My best friend Rebecca (co-author), Dana and I had so much fun this morning. We also played games of tag with who was looking after the children and running between our two houses. This working Mama stuff is tough!

Great Ideas

Opening my creative channel through writing has brought so many wonderful friends and previously impossible ideas into my life. Watch this space for a LOT of fun projects this year that YOU can become involved in.


Here are some gorgeous posts from some very lovely ladies who have been blogging about getting more Me Time this week.

What is Self-Love ; Australian Bush Flower Essences; The Extra-Terrestrial Self-Love Weight Loss Plan; Seven Things to Stop Doing For the Sake of Self Love; Finding Your Space

Hope your week was as delicious as mine!! (We did get to eat ALL the food after we made it) xx


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