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I started this post this morning and I had builders in my house tearing up floor boards for testing, a 15 month old running around wreaking havoc (he is at the stage where he pulls everything out of drawers, cupboards etc) and a whole house to pack up and clean before we leave for our long-weekend holiday.

But I have now re-grouped (the builders have left, Leo is in his cot asleep (hopefully) and I have had a quick lie down after packing).


This week made me appreciate how lucky we are to still be in Summer. Yes it has been relentlessly hot, a touch humid and has kept us inside a lot but I’m going to take a moment to appreciate how little we get sick in Summer.

Being sick this week has reminded me that this is a regular occurrence in Winter, start stocking up on rainy day games and tissues now.

Now, joyfully, I am ending this week by being released from my at-home prison and heading out for a few days away by the beach. Tomorrow morning I will be sipping my coffee on a balcony over-lookng sun, sand and surf.

This also reminds me that I love long weekends! Below is what kept my spirits up this week:

Interview on Naughty Naturopath Mum site

I answered these questions for Alisha over at her Naughty Naturopath Mum site last week so was excited to see her blog pop into my inbox this morning! Check it out here for the answers on how my health quest started and some fun facts about me!

Ju Ju Bug’s haircut

He got it chopped yesterday as he was starting to resemble a beatle (the ones who sang, not the insects).photoHe couldn’t see and it was in his eyes. This morning he gets up and it’s all sticking up everywhere, it took my husband and I, with water and gel to stick it down again. He was quite pleased with his “dinosaur” hair for a while but we tamed it.


Wellness Retreat Opportunity


I got the email while I was at the hairdressers. I opened it and then promptly closed it. Public speaking? I felt sick, nervous and seriously excited. Once I had read the whole thing and checked out the amazing retreat for Mothers that is being put together, complete with Yoga, hikes, organic food and juices, meditation….I realised just how amazing this will be for Mums. What a beautiful way to spend time nurturing yourself and revitalising your energy stores for your kids. I have so much to say now that I have been thinking about it for a week or two that they may have to drag me off….

Blogs I Loved

A few have stuck out in my mind this week as pretty special:

Amy’s post on The Joys of Being a Mum at and Kristin from Mamacino’s travelling with kids tips here.


I have eaten a Mountain Bread wrap for lunch three days in a row because it was that good. Toppings? Grated beetroot, cheese, cucumber, carrot and chopped up capsicum and spanish onion, topped with a divine mayonnaise and then washed down with a spinach, kale, cucumber and apple juice. Mmmmmm.


I read Life of Pi which was AMAZING. You can read a beautiful review of it here. This blogger’s review made me want to read it….and also not do my own anymore…..

And also What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty….ask yourself how you would feel if you woke up, thinking you were ten years younger. How would you see your self now? It is a crazy thing to imagine but we do acquire skills and life coping mechanisms bit by bit that change us  over the passage of time. This book was a great read and I will now read ANYTHING by this author and she’s Australian! Might go stalk her now on twitter or facebook!


What’s on your love list this week?

Have an amazing weekend and I think in most of Australia it is now wine o’clock so enjoy! 




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