Love List

Happy Friday! It’s been a huge week for me. I’ve had a lot on and have been buzzing with creativity.

Bad Mother’s Society

By far and away this has been my most popular post. If you missed it you can read it here. I think I hit a nerve. We are all out there in the big, bad world, doing this motherhood thing alone and striving for perfection. We compare another Mother’s triumphant moment (how can she keep her house so clean/make lunches so perfectly/keep herself so neat ) to our imperfections and it makes us feel as if we are lacking. We all have different strengths. If the response is anything to go by then I can assure you that there is not one mother out there who is perfect. How boring would that be?

Leo’s Determination to Eat All By Himself

He’s been feeding himself for a while now but he wants to try spoons and bowls and with that comes some serious mess. None quite so bad as the fruity dream (a berry soft serve ice-cream type thing whipped up in the thermo) he had yesterday.


Chakra Cleansing

I love the mystic and magical what if’s of the world and I love yoga and meditation so finding out about Belinda Davidson and her Chakra Cleansing was a bit of a bonus this week. You can sign up for here  for her free seven day course to learn about chakras and what you can do to cleanse them. It’s a bit of fun but I also find that I feel different when I meditate like this, buzzing with energy.

My Little Kindy Star

Julian loves kindy. He is happy to go and according to the teacher one happy little fellow. He plays, writes his name, does what he is told and is so good. I’m one proud Mummy….even if it does mean he’s saved up all his meltdowns for the minute he leaves the door of that school.



I hope you have had an amazing week. Please let me know what you think if you do the Chakra Course!


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