Love List!

It’s been such an amazing week for me.

It started off great with Natural New Age Mum’s Top Ten Health Tips post really resonating with people. If you missed it you can read it here (or on her website today!)

Anyway this week I am loving:

My Husband.


My husband and I have just had such a good time chatting at night instead of watching shows. It’s made a big difference to our stress levels and the way we communicate with each other. If we chat about what we have going on during that period then we are not trying to tell it to each other as we race around in the morning or just before we go to bed at night.

I urge everyone to try it. Sit outside after the kids are in bed or at your dining table or on your couch but leave the TV and other distractions off.

I also got a beautiful orchid yesterday (which I did specify that I wanted if he happened to buy me flowers) that just looks so perfect.


Being More Present With My Children

Read this article on How To Miss A Childhood, I guarantee it will will make you put down your phone/laptop (just finish reading my blog first 🙂 ).

Julian’s Natureplay Passport

He brought it home from school and what you do is log on to their site and recieve “missions” for outside play appropriate for their age. They get a sticker for each “Mission” that they tackle and complete.

So cute and such a good motivator for Mummy too!

Check out

The Universe

It’s sending me the perfect people and the perfect tools at the perfect time for me to live my dreams.



Short and sweet this week as I am trying to stay present (and off technology) for my kids and I hear my little one stirring.

What’s on your Love List this week? 


  1. sounds like a fab week!! love the orchid and the chatting….. I learnt that from my Mum and Dad. When my Dad came home from work, they would always get a drink and go and sit on the verandah and catch up on their day before dinner! 🙂

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