Love List

My Big Kindy Boy

God he is gorgeous. I am so proud as I walk hand in hand with him to the car, listening to him chatter about his day (ok, it’s like pulling teeth to get any info from him. but still wonderful…).

I did however think that Kindy would give him the craft fix he needed so he wouldn’t bug me at home but today, after his first long day at kindy, he wanted to paint. Apparently he had done a piece of art at kindy, didn’t like it, put it in the bin then there wasn’t any time for more crafting.


Things On Toast

Check out this link (and amazing picture) from TheBestof2Sisters. It’s made me want things on toast. Today I had avocado, salsa, cheese and red onion. Delicious.



New Friends

My health and wellness path has led me to make many new friends, especially in the past week. It’s exciting and helpful and comforting to know there are others as excited about this kind of stuff as I am!

Blog Reading

Usually I am up to date on all my blog reading but not only have I discovered so many wonderful new bloggers this week but I am obsessed with the wonderful words of Melissa Ambrosini and have been exploring her site. Best of all she is launching her e-book on Monday!

The Ocean

It’s calling me. A friend of mine kept talking about her beach adventures everyday last week and I am just dying to take myself for a swim in the ocean. I  also want to get the kids ready with their buckets and spades and spend some quality time in the sunshine…I just might wait till it’s not quite so hot….42 degrees celcius tomorrow.

Private Practice

My husband and I spent the week watching the very final series of this wonderful show…I spent the week sobbing. Every episode makes me cry!

How was your week? 

What’s on your love list? As always, I love hearing from you!


  1. THANK YOU so much for including “Things on Toast” and a link to our blog on your Love List! Our love list this week includes this post right here, lunch date with a new friend in our sunny garden, and the big sister and family coming to Dubai tonight! Couldn’t be nicer 😉

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