Love List

Cuckoo Clock

It’s been out of action for quite some time due to a leaking battery but it’s back. Leo is noticing it for the first time and both kids are delighted on the hour when the bird sings and makes it’s appearance.



I both loathe and love going through the thousands and thousands of photos we take, via phone and camera. Going through the past year of photos has really given me a sense of what the year was like.

My kids are clowns, we had some really awesome times and we laughed a lot.

All in all a pretty amazing 2012.

Though there are still another couple of thousand to go through before I am done……



Farmer’s Market

How cute is this! A Christmas present that has just arrived…

Julian has been playing shop and counting out the fruit and veg. It even comes with cute re-usable shopping bags!

Short weeks

It’s nearly the weekend but it feels like the week has just started due to a lovely public holiday Monday…a very nice way to end the last week before school starts!

To Do Lists

The only reason I am even going through the photos is that I put it on a list. I am finding that if I put it on a list, I get up everyday NEEDING to cross something off.

It’s really giving me a sense of achievement…though I do seem to over-estimate the amount I can get done in one day.

But don’t we all?

How was your week? 

What’s on you love list? 

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