Losing The Responsibilities

Sometimes we make life harder than its meant to be.

Sometimes our life is committed to more than we need it to be.

Especially if we are Mamas.

We see others doing it all – ferrying the kids to various amounts of extracurricular activities, going to work, volunteering for committees, attending social events and we try and stretch ourselves.

Do that little bit more.

Because we get confused about what we want in life.

We let others lead us down the path and end up frazzled, over-scheduled and unhappy.

I’ve let so much go this year.

From little things like getting to school on time some days to major book projects I am dying to get to.

Because this time in my life is important.

I am already hands-full with the book we have out, How To Become One Healthy Mama, the blogging, the social media, my family, friends, social life, two precious munchkins and my pregnancy.

But I am still scheduling in time for me.

Because it makes a difference.

Meditating, yoga, spa treatments, holidays –  time out is all necessary to me.

Because it is making an incredible difference to the way I parent.  

The other night, Leo started calling out to me about an hour after we had put him down.

Usually frustrated by this I go in, tell him to go to sleep and close the door. Screaming ensues. I wait a little while and then go in, bring him downstairs then try to put him down again in ten minutes or so, telling him the whole time how inconvenient this is and how he is meant to be sleeping.

This time I popped my head in, asked him what was wrong and he told me he needed water. One out of his two water bottles were empty but I didn’t push the point. I filled it and gave it to him. He asked to get out.

I complied and sat down with him in his room and just cuddled him. Stared into his eyes and told him I loved him.

His sleepy eyes closed and we sat like that, with me staring lovingly at him for about ten minutes. Instead of feeling frustrated, my feelings were pure love. I was relaxed. I wasn’t itching for me time and I had all the time in the world for him.

When he opened his eyes and stared and me, whispering back I love you’s I told him I was going to put him down and he nodded contentedly, filled with love and security.

The rest of the evening was mine and I still feel the specialness of that moment between us. That we wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t taken care of myself.

Sooo Mamas…..

What can you take out?

What can you skip this term?

What can you add in to make time for you?

What needs to change for you to have more down time?

IMG_5901 IMG_5900Do these things so that you can live in the moment. This is a reminder that time is precious and we never get these moments back with our children. 

Live and love. 

Your way.


  1. “What can you take out?” Thanks for the challenge! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately; physical decluttering is helping a lot, but schedule decluttering needs to happen, too.

    1. It actually took a visit to my first ever psychic to say – let it go….whatever project you are thinking of will get done AFTER you have the baby…don’t worry. It made sense and I haven’t worried since!!

  2. Love this beautiful! I too get frustrated with the girls when they wake and by being frustrated often make the whole thing longer and more painful. But just by being in the moment, soaking it up, and giving them love, we can sometimes (sometimes!) make it a lot more enjoyable and loving. Thanks for the reminder sweetheart. x

  3. You seriously always read my mind. I couldn’t agree more with this post. It’s a hard thing to let go of some things that we think we should be doing. Going with the flow is much more important for our sanity.

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