Living Above the Details

Today’s Mantra: Easy does it

Some weeks are easy.

Some weeks you wonder how you get so snowed under with things.  Why can’t you just get things done?

We all know how easy it is to do the washing later, organise lunch at the last minute and pick the clothes up off the floor another time. These things weigh on you each time you run out of clothes, grab fast food to eat because you are starving or walk into a room that has clothes scattered everywhere.

I’m having a wonder week. The house is tidy, washing is done, I found the “pack away” song on itunes so that Julian could pick up his toys to the beat and we are having some great lunches.

Today Julian ate his first wrap. You forget don’t you, how little they are?

How new things are hard?

I just gave it to him, without instructions and so he picks it up and everything falls out. Confused he looks at mine and back at his. He ask me how I ate mine and I said, “With two hands and I hold the bottom.” He takes two minutes arranging himself and then happily proclaims, “I’m eating like you!” Despite the fact there is nothing left in his wrap to eat.

Leo is soldiering on poor little mite. In the last two weeks he has gotten his first two teeth and the ear infection still hasn’t gone away. He has to see an Ear Nost Throat specialist in a couple of weeks and we’ll go from there. His crawling is picking up pace and he’s started to see stairs as his ultimate goal in life. Fun times.

Needless to say we haven’t had much sleep but I love it how some weeks, some days that just doesn’t seem to matter. Life is a breeze.

I need to learn how to bottle this feeling. I read a post a few months ago talking about “Living Above the Details”. It said to try not to get overwhelmed by the little things. Forms habits, do these things on autopilot and spend more time engaging in what you love. You’ll be a lot happier.

Easier said than done I think!

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  1. Good morning. An idea: when our kids were babies we invested in an otoscope to check their ears at home so we would know if they had an ear infection. It was so helpful. Have a blessed day.

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