Life’s Pleasures

I’ve had a pretty great day. Starting with a lovely, slow wake-up.

My parents had the kids overnight as we had a dinner out with friends last night. So there were no  -little visitors on tip toe or midnight wake-up calls. I could have ticked it off as a great day right there.

But today I finally got around to doing a few things I’d been putting off. I think we grow as people when we try new things and it helps to push ourselves. But it’s really easy just to stay on the couch.

The weather today in Perth was horrendous. Blustery winds, rain, thunder and it was cold. But today was day 1 of my new running program. Today though I didn’t really go for a run. I downloaded a running program and was instructed to walk for three minutes, then for the next ten minutes run for one minute, walk for one minute and then there was a three minute cool down.

Simple. Any one could do it. It definitely made getting back to running easier than I thought. I also am told to rest tomorrow and to run again Tuesday. Great. The aim is to run 5km with ease…soonish. Fingers crossed.

I then met my wonderful friend Dana from Bloom Pixels for a camera lesson. I have a fantastic SLR camera which I have had for a couple of years and have absolutely no idea how to use. A group of girls and I had been bugging Dana to give us a few tips and after a few cancelled dates we finally met up to do it today.

It was eye-opening and now I’m really excited to practice shooting the kids and in the end (hopefully) get some amazing, professional-like shots. I’d love to be able to add that to my arsenal of motherhood.

This evening my husband was horrified that we ended up watching a 60 Minute piece on kicking the sugar habit. He said it made him feel like drinking a Sunkist. Hopefully it made him think at least a little about cutting down on the junk.

The program was another hyped up, diet related piece on the evils of sugar. There were definitely some interesting points and I immediately signed up to read Sarah Wilson’s blog on cutting out sugar but I’m not totally convinced that completely cutting out so many food groups leads to health and happiness.

A life without the occasional chocolate, cake, milkshake or wine doesn’t really seem that pleasurable.

And really, what’s life without pleasures?




  1. I taped that program as I just bought her e-book! It has some great ideas/recipes in it…not sure I will TOTALLY give up sugar but it might be good to cut down.

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