Life’s Pleasures

Today’s Mantra: I am so grateful 

I’m standing in the warm waters of my plunge pool in Broome, surrounded by puffs of fragrantly scented air, sipping my organic, fermented grape juice (I am being poetic) and reflecting on last night’s sunset.

The enormous pink circle of life that kissed the glittering aquatic sea in spectacular fashion, at one of the most scenic beaches in the world. It is always awe-inspiring but last night, on our fifth wedding anniversary, especially so.

Yesterday we kayaked, relaxed and revered our way through our most unforgettable anniversary to date. Constantly being grateful. Constantly stopping to pinch ourselves about how lucky we are.

To be here. To be able to do these things. To have each other.

It got me thinking about life’s pleasures. Do we take advantage of them enough? Or do we let them slide and make way for the mundane?

As always, a holiday has given me mental space to reflect and review life. What do I want to do more  of and how can I fit it into my life?

So my five new life resolutions are:

  • More Bikram Yoga (See you 5:45am on Thursday mornings as well as a weekend)
  • Farmers Markets on Saturday morning (Julian is going to be my buddy here…great way to introduce him to where our food comes from)
  • Less meat – I had an amazing steak last night…but that was all that was on my plate. I desperately wished I’d ordered a vegetarian option when I found I couldn’t get through half of it.
  • More juicing (going to try straining through the thermo before looking into buying a juicer).
  • Going to try Mason- jarring my salads (and Daniels for work!). If you are confused check out  the picture below.


What do you think about on holidays? Are you like me? Rewriting the script of your life?

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