Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

Have you ever put off something you wanted to do?

Seen yourself as, “that kind of person” but never really got around to doing the things that make you – you?

I left meditation class yesterday and as I did the teacher said to all of us, “Have a great day everyone. Enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at this.” 

So true.

So I left there thinking about my life.

I see myself as an “outdoorsy” kind of person. Not off climbing cliffs or jumping out of planes but more the kind of Mama who is out at the park, walking on the beach with the kids and dogs. Sitting in the sunshine, smiling and drinking green juice whilst the kids play.

But between the rain, my laziness, a lack of routine – my poor doggies (and children) haven’t been outdoors in a while.

I also LOVE tennis. But I am totally scared to join a social club for fear of failure (embarrassment at my serving attempts, humiliation of missing the ball time and time again).

I,of course, like you, have my excuses…..

Photo: Snap @lisacorduff

But that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing our passions.

Without examining who we want to be (giving time to our dreams) and bursting through our fear barriers (even if they seem trivial) we can’t live the life we want to live.

What are you NOT doing that you want to be? I’d love to know. Maybe we can become the person we want to be together 🙂 


  1. Join a tennis club! Join a tennis club!!
    And then maybe I’ll take up horseriding again, or a hip hop dance class, or set up an etsy shop…ooooh! So many dreams 😉

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