Let Them Be Kids

I haven’t spoken a lot on the topic of Motherhood lately.

I wasn’t joking when I said I’ve chilled.

I love nothing more than hanging out with my children and even if they are in time-out three times in an hour, are (literally) climbing the walls or are sick and demanding –  I am taking it in my stride.

I’m not running off to the keyboard to provide a (sometimes funny) blow by blow of how the situation went down.

This means I am no longer attracting similar situations from the Universe. If I complain and mention them enough then I believe you end up getting more of the same!

It’s always easier to complain than to rave on about how wonderful your children are.

But mine are amazing.  I bet yours are too.

Not for what they know, how accomplished they are (at 4) or for what they can do….but for who they are.

I love the funny, crazy, silly boys I have in my house who climb the cubby house when they are not supposed to, who feed the dogs a handful of dog food at a time (after they’ve been fed), who take off their clothes and can’t stand up straight because they are laughing so hard at the look on my face.

I measure my job as a parent by these moments.

Have I been silly enough?

Did I get down on the floor with them today and do something they enjoyed?

Did we talk enough?

How many kisses did I give out? Tickles?

Reading, writing, drawing, sport skills will all come in time. Every moment of play is developing the skills in something that they are interested in.

Let them be kids.

This article sparked this blog post. A small article  discussing the kind of accomplishments society should be asking from their children – I love it! This is after the writer read a forum post where a mother was asking for advice on what a 4 and a half year old should know. The resulting advice were lists (up to 100) of the accomplishments of other’s four year olds and what they can do.

Comparison will only lead to heartache. 






  1. kids should and will be kids , they learn through play, through mistakes and through making everyone around them laugh and sometimes cry with frustration, enjoy!

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