Lay Off Yourself

I had a busy weekend.

Full of fun, laughter, friends, chaos and constant cleaning up and starting all over again.

On Sunday we danced barefoot under the stars. We picnicked by the river and watched dolphins cruise by. We also were honoured to watch two gorgeous people very much in love get married and then hip hop their way through a bridal waltz. It was an awesome night.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to just laze around most of the day and relax, regroup and reset.

I read my book, I went for a snooze and then we went to the beach for a quick bite to eat on the windiest day this summer.

Something has changed in my head and I want it to change in yours.

I was listening to what my body needed and constantly saying to myself, “You need this honey.” “Lie down gorgeous.” “Slow down, it’s ok.”

And I just let life go on around me. For once I chose to sit down instead of rush, I left my husband to his jobs and refused to feel guilty. I picked up my book again and again, hugging the kids in between and making sure I put it down when they wanted to speak to me.

I got about 10 hours sleep but felt tired when I got up. Again, I told myself to go slowly, urged my mind to understand that my body needed rest and that one day without various outings for Leo would be fine.

We did two short (very necessary) errands and then went back to the house to cocoon ourselves for the day and further recuperate.

When I put Leo down for a nap I thought I’d go to but instead I meditated. The fifteen minutes I gave myself today to do that allowed my body to surge with energy and my brain to start whirring again. I feel so blessed to have meditation available to me.

The lessons:

Listen to your body

Speak to yourself nicely

Refuse to be caught in the busy trap

Don’t allow guilt in

Learn to meditate – NOW – it’s a miracle tool





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