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Today’s Mantra: Pay Forward the Inspiration

Another disturbing statistic for you:

 Not exercising causes as many deaths as smoking.

Check out the article here, it was posted on the I Quit Sugar Facebook Page yesterday.

Not good. Not good.

I am pretty motivated, most of the time but I don’t have any regular exercise habits at the moment. Sarah Wilson’ s philosophy is to get out for 20 minutes everyday and do some sort of exercise.

So I am forwarding my exercise inspiration to you and hope that it motivates more people to get out the house and off the couch.

There are many excuses not to exercise (I know them so well because I tell myself them all the time).

We are:

  • Too tired
  • Too cold
  • There is not enough time in the day
  • Too busy
  • Too full
  • Hate exercising
  • It’s boring
  • Too sore

I think we are just limiting ourselves.

If you work all day and its dark and cold at night – walk for twenty minutes during your lunch break. It’s not much but if you do it everyday then you are doing you’re body good. Take your kids for a walk. Play ball at the park with them. Take your dogs out. Go to a Yoga class. Play Tennis. Commit to doing exercise with a friend.

Find something your good at, or enjoy, that makes you unaware you are doing exercise.

My poor dogs get my excuses constantly for avoiding their (should be daily) walk. Too cold, too hot, too many kids, not enough time.

Despite my new year’s resolution to change that it really hasn’t happened.

You know what?

The perfect situation is never going to come to get into daily exercise. (When I finish my exams, when I get over this cold, when I am not so busy at work).

Just move your butt. Walk to somewhere you usually drive to. Get off the bus a few stops earlier. Park further away. Take the stairs.

I had a beautiful walk yesterday. All I wanted to do was run but encumbered with two leads and a pram I couldn’t go very fast. But…my dogs were happy, Leo got some sunshine and I loved it.

I am going to commit to doing 20 minutes a day.

Starting now.

Running Running Running

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