Just another week…

Today’s Mantra: Bliss is my constant state of mind

Monday – Clean up from Baptism after-math and discover that little Leo can fit into OO – ladder comes out, tubs come down, washing begins.

Tuesday – Lovely lazy day at home. A good relax for all of us. 1pm we are sitting on the carpet, Leo on my lap, Julian laughing and trying to climb on too. Small tumble from Julian. He can”t move his arm. Trip to PMH. After much debate in my head about what to do with Leo, and several phone calls that don’t reach help, my poor, sick, best friend is landed with him. I figure that he is probably better off being exposed to one bug than the thousands at the children’s hospital. Hours later with an unidentified injury and a still un-moving arm, we leave with a sling and a vague suggestion it could be a very fine break…or a very unusual sprain.

Wednesday – Cancel of all activities and another not so relaxing day at home with now-grumpy toddler. 12pm, toddler moves fingers, 12:30pm toddler moves hand, 1:00pm toddler realises arm no longer hurts and starts bounding from the couch like Superman. 3:00pm, Nanna comes to visit injured toddler, we go for a walk, toddler begs to go home with her. Mummy and toddler get their wish and he is gone. Baby sleeps and so does Mum.

Thursday – Previously explained nightmare day. Ends with Mummy and Daddy crashing best friend’s date night at Llama bar (yummy) and two children staying with their Abuela. Mummy and Daddy go to pick them up and they are both wide awake. It’s 10pm. Don’t care, we had so much fun.

Friday –  Thankful kindy drop-off and tired baby = nice shopping day for Mummy. Big day tomorrow, christening for my nephew and Daniel and I are Godparents. Send Daniel to help decorate venue with his sister, as I’m more qualified to stay home and get the tired kiddies in bed. Rain and early darkness means I can pretend six 0çlock is seven.

7pm: Blissful quietness and time to myself. Fashion Police or Private Practice? Red or White wine?

Cheers to the weekend.

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