Just a Mum

What If I was just a Mum?

Just a Mum that has kissed you everyday of your life.

Just a Mum that remembers the moment I met you as the most precious one.

Just a Mum that takes you to school everyday and picks you up.

Just a Mum who gives you the best food so that you grow big, strong and healthy.

Just a Mum who believes that the right way to bring you up is to make you kind, thoughtful, smart and generous – by doing my best to be all those things everyday.

Just a Mum who tucks you into bed every night and reads to you – not for your academic progress – but because you love it.

Just a Mum who allows you freedom and space when you need it, not when you want it.

Just a Mum who remembers every touch and smile you have ever given me.

Just a Mum who feels rewarded everyday by being in your presence.

Just a Mum who marvels everyday that you are mine.

Just a Mum who is happiest when you are smiling.

Just a Mum who loves you, no matter what.

Just a Mum.

And that’s enough.

Because I’m not just any Mum, I’m your Mum.

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