Juice VS Smoothies

Today’s Mantra: Life is Juicy

I have been neglecting my smoothies of late because I love the amazing flavour of juices. I know that both are beneficial but when people say to me, “There is no fibre in juices.” It’s hard to put into words the benefits I feel that I get from juices over smoothies.

So the research goes like this….

Juicing Benefits 

  1. Faster Absorption of Nutrients: Because there is no fibre  juicing fruit and vegetables provides the most concentrated and readily absorbed source of micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Removing fibre from the food means that there is hardly any digestive work needed to process the food.  
  2. Provides More Fruit and Veggies, More Easily. It takes a lot of fruit and vegetables to make a glass of juice.  
  3. Promotes More Varied Intake of Fruit and Vegetables. You eat a wider variety of fruit and vegetables when you juice which boosts your nutrient levels. 
  4. Nutrient Dense. A good amount of what you eat when you eat fruit and vegetables is water, vitamins and minerals, and fibre.  However, when you remove the fibre, all you get is the water and vitamins and minerals.  This concentration is said to supercharge the system with phyto-nutrients which are important in warding off disease, cancer and other degenerative illnesses.
  5. Juice Cleans Your Liver.
  6. Helps with Depression. As a result of the high concentration of minerals contained in juice, such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and folic acid, there is reason to believe that juicing can help fight symptoms of depression.
  7. Anti-Aging. As a result of the high concentration of antioxidants in juice, consuming juice can combat the damaging effects that free radicals have on skin, muscle and our internal organs. 


  1. Are a Meal. You can easily add protein ingredients  to the smoothie  making it a more balanced, nutritious meal.
  2. Stabilize Blood Sugar and Energy Levels. Because smoothies contain fibre, the sugar and calories from smoothies are more slowly absorbed into the blood stream.  As a result, your blood sugar levels remain stable and so does your energy. Juice, however, gives you a jolt of energy and vitality.
  3. Fill You Up. Since smoothies contain fibre, you will feel full longer.  
  4. Promote Regularity. Because of the fibre, smoothies help keep your digestive tract moving and provide “good” bacteria needed for good digestion. 
  5. Are Nutritious. The fruit and vegetables you use for a smoothie all contain the same vitamins and minerals you get when you juice them. You still get all of the antioxidants and age-fighting benefits. 
  6. Smoothies Cost Less. It takes less fruit and vegetables to make a smoothie than it does to make a juice.  


So I think I have come to the conclusion that I need both of these amazing things in my life. I will have a smoothie with my lunch!

This morning’s juice:

1 beetroot

4 stalks of Kale

1 carrot

1 big slice of watermelon

8 blocks of ice

Put in Thermomix for 1 min 30 seconds, then squeeze out pulp using a nut bag (I use the enjo fruit and veg bags).

Drink for a delicious buzz of nutrients.



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