Ju Ju

About the time he was learning to talk my son Julian decided that his nickname would be Ju Ju. We (and others) have called him that ever since.

He can now say his whole name of course and no longer talks in the third person but the kid still answers to Ju Ju. It’s really cute.

I just wanted to stop and write a post about my gorgeous three year old before all these moments pass me by and are forgotten.

The other day Daniel and I went to the footy, my parents came over to babysit. Leo had been out of the highchair for literally two minutes before they got there but when they did he looked like this…

Over twenty ABC blocks are in his tummy, Julian had spent a concerted two minutes popping them down his shirt.

Leo sort of looks like me here…when I was pregnant…if I’d been able to drink…

Moving on to a prouder moment. I was at Herdies today (local fresh food place) and we were grabbing some fruit and veg when Jules yells out in an extremely loud voice, “Are apples in season Mummy? If they are I can have them!” I pretended I hadn’t heard him just so he’d spout his wisdom to the other patrons again.

He then recognised a little friend from kindy and was calling out “Sammy! Sammy! He’s growing up, he’s even got little friends I don’t know.

After that he bounced up and down at the meat counter like a jack-in-the-box trying to see the butcher. “I’ll be four next year. Four!”

These moments were then somewhat compromised by an episode at the cash register. All our food was put through when I realised he needed to go to the toilet…like now. I gave her my credit card and dashed off to the loo with him (Leo in my arms). I come back and she’s holding my credit card, phone and car keys. I apologised profusely and put my credit card in (it’s not like I’d given her the pin) and paid. Then we got the hell out of there.

Three year olds are a blessing and a curse 🙂




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