It’s Not Easy Being Green

Today’s Mantra: Be Green, Be Healthy

I can’t believe it’s only 7pm.

I have been alone for over an hour. Julian is staying at my lovely Mother-in-Law’s house and Leo skipped his afternoon nap for the first time ever. He was in bed the second we got home from having dinner at her place.

When Julian, Leo and I walked into his Abuela’s house this afternoon, Julian demanded his dinner. It was 4pm. Esi and I just shrugged and went with his vision. Leo looked relieved that it was happening this way. Even though he can’t talk he can, “Ugh” what he wants pretty clearly and he was hungry. He wanted food, milk, bed.

Happy to oblige.


What to do. What to do.

Yep, been on the computer again. Reading blogs. Getting excited.

I’ve decided I want to be greener.

I’m probably the only one who couldn’t see I was heading towards this. I’m sure my family and friends have me pegged as a yoga-loving, environment saving, green smoothie loving vegetarian…but the reality is I am nowhere near this. Yet…

Except the yoga-loving part.

When I say greener I mean in the vegetable sense. All weekend I have been craving more.

More of the vegetables, more of the soups, salads, smoothies…the good stuff.

I say this as I take another swig of wine and finish off the cashews and square of (organic, raw) chocolate in my hand. I really want to blend up a green smoothie but Leo’s asleep….it’s two minutes of pure noise if anyone is familiar with the thermomix.

So tomorrow…

Lowering the dose of dairy, lowering the animal intake, upping the greens.

Watching my husband have a further meltdown about our eating habits.


On a side note Happy Father’s Day everyone. We had a great day with my Dad even if Julian and Leo’s father was AWOL…


Actually I termed that wrong, Daniel did actually have a leave pass for the weekend and we all love him to bits and missed him today .



  1. We are on the same wavelength…I have been gluten and dairy free for a few weeks and feeling so much better, I can’t believe it! I’m starting to wake up craving my fresh juice instead of a coffee and reaching for an apple and nut butter to snack on instead of a muffin. We watched Food Inc on the weekend which helped cement my new direction in eating!

    1. What is Food Inc? Sounds like I need to watch it…along with Yoga Woman and Fat Sick and Nearly Dad. I am jumping off the walls…i have so many links and e-books open kinda want to do everything at once!

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