It Is Not Motherhood That Exhausts Us

Yesterday I ducked into the chemist (and when I say ducked I mean like a slow, snail-paced crawl with toddler in tow) for some iron tablets.

I’d been feeling depleted. Just this week. Energy low. It happens.

It happens when you have a rotation of two children in your bed most nights. It happens when they get up earlier than you’d like and stay up later. It happens when there are early school meetings, swim training  and after school activities. It happens when you fit in four classes of yoga, an early morning beach walk and a round of cardio tennis. It happens when you race out the door to relax for a couples massage on Valentines Day.

If Motherhood is the cause then we are the victim right?

We live in a society that tends to prefer blaming than taking responsibility for our own actions.

It’s always someone else’s fault that this has happened to us.


I let the children in our bed.

I never enforced rules where they had to stay in bed in the morning.

I chose (in fact booked and paid for) to enrol them in the activities that they said they liked.

I went to the school meeting and voluntary drove the car to swim training.

I choose to go to my own activities because they light me up.

And the massage, well it was worth all the racing and the late night dinner the kids got, to squeeze in some me and the hubby time.

We are only a victim of the creation of our own lives.

After a little complaining yesterday and some serious sleep – this morning I see with clear eyes.

The gift of life is that we get to create in it whatever we like.

There is no one forcing us to do anything. There are alternatives to every choice we ever get to make and it’s a beautiful thing.

We paint our lives from blank canvases everyday.

Tomorrow you could choose to get up, take the kids out of school to home school them, put your mortgaged house up for rent and  take off in a caravan or take a sea change. You could pull the kids out of their activities and take them to the park or local pool for fun after school and you could quit your job.

Life is our masterpiece.

Owning your choices can make you feel empowered, more joyful and immensely grateful for what you have in your life.

A victim mentality can make you resentful and you don’t want to spend Motherhood resenting your little people instead of celebrating them.




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