Invoking Calm

I love those days where you wake up and nothing fazes you.

Problems are challenges to overcome, the housework is something you can leave without it driving you crazy and the kids are just kids, not little hell-raisers.


I got a 2:35am wake up call yesterday. Julian needed to go to the toilet. He came racing into our room with a weird squeal then danced around till my husband got up and put the light on for him. He missed.

New pyjamas were needed and his ego needed soothing. I pulled up the covers and got him to hop into bed with me.

It was like having a furnace beside me. His nose was running and he said his body was aching.

I checked his temp – over 40 degrees. We fought the spitting, biting, clawing creature that my son turns into when we try to give him pain relief and lost. Sticky medicine all over our bed, his hair and ourselves. I got up to clean it and see what other medicine we had left.

I dropped a glass bottle and it smashed. A nice edition to our bedroom chaos.

For the rest of the night my husband and I pretty much just stared at Julian, watching for any signs of deadly diseases and turns for the worst.

He wasn’t better the next day and slept on and off. I went to check on Leo when he didn’t rise by 7:15am and found him playing in vomit in his cot. Happy as anything.

What are the chances of two separate illnesses hitting our home on the same morning?

Oh well.

It didn’t faze me.

All day I battled a torrent of body fluid but continued along happily.

The house deteriorated but it was cool.

I thought I had no food in the house but I managed to put together a meat stew and mash using up all the available veges in the house. I  high-fived myself.

I went upstairs to change the sheets and when I came back down Leo was naked. His Houdini trick with his nappy is getting old.

This time as I approached him he cried in annoyance that I had left him then promptly slipped in his own pee.


That was it! I’d finally had enough. I called in reinforcements, showered and left the house for the evening.

They tried to break me but it didn’t work 😉





  1. Awww that sounds like a truely rubbish day but well done you for surviving it! Did make me smile though as I think we’ve all day one of those days. Hope everyone is better soon

  2. That is a seriously hectic day!! The worst we’d had recently it nits!!! First time I’ve had to deal with those horrible revolting little creatures. Still itching now!!
    Visiting from TUSK

  3. Either they end up sick together or one after the other around here. I would’ve had to stay home though unless there was something important on. hubby would never cope with vomit!

    Popping over via #TUST

    Hope they are all better for the Easter Bunny on Sunday

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