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I was honoured to be asked this week to answer some questions as an “Inspirational Mum” by  one pretty inspirational Mum!

Amy at started her website as a support network for Mums. Something we all need and hopefully have, but it can be pretty lonely sometimes. This site acts as a source of love and inspiration. What a concept.

You can check out her site and my answers here.

To even be thought of an an inspirational Mum had me smiling with pride for days… (let’s face it…I probably will never get over this massive compliment) and I am lucky enough to have inspirational Mum’s surrounding me.

My own Mum had me at twenty-one and immigrated to Australia from Scotland when I was two and my brother was six months. Can you imagine leaving your support system for the great unknown? Talk about courage. She worked night-shift when I was young to make ends meet and so she could still be around for us. Then when we were almost grown up she went back to school and got qualified. Then went to Uni. Then started her dream career as a social worker and made a real success of herself. Amazing.

My Nanna immigrated and started her life over again in her late 40’s. So that she could be near her only child, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. It must have taken a lot of sacrifice to do something like that but she made friends, got a job and made it work.

My Mother-in-law runs an incredibly successful business which she built up on her own whilst raising two children. She is currently still running the business, building a house and still manages to be there for her children, in-law children (like me) and grandchildren.

My Sister-in-law managed to navigate new motherhood whilst running a business. I was gob-smacked she could even put a sentence together at the time  but she placed orders, managed staff and handled the books like it was nothing.

My best friend co-authored a book with me last year (we are still working on it), despite having three boys. She runs from activity to activity, always happy and always seeming present, just enjoying being in the moment.

Another of my best girlfriends is really finding herself and her talents at the moment, becoming an amazing photographer and artist all in one year – whilst raising two children.

All my friends are so great with their kids and each one of them is an inspiration to me as they try to balance motherhood, work and their own unique interests.

I know how good it felt to be called an inspirational mum so if there is someone you admire or think has done an amazing job, I encourage you to tell them.

The sooner the better.

Have an awesome weekend.







  1. Thank you hon , it was a big uproot but we wanted you to have the best life had to offer and we didn’t think Scotland at that time was in the best place, nanny and grandpa were in 50’s , learnt to drive, got work, built first ever house , amazing stuff. We have gone on to have 2 amazing kids so the sacrifice was soo worth it . Love u hon , u r an in inspirational person as well as a mother. Xx

  2. And this post makes you even more of an Inspirational Mum! It would be great if we all reminded each other how inspiring we are more often.
    And BTW… LOVE the new design! x

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