Ice-Cream for Breakfast? Yes please.

Today’s Mantra: People in glass houses…..

I went to my little, local shops yesterday for a coffee. Once again I am out of Nespresso pods for my machine at home. I can never remember to order until I’m caffeine deprived. So the shop is a great, fresh place with loads of gorgeous produce, meats etc and it serves organic coffee. I order a large (nobody’s perfect) so I can get through the day and then look around. I have to avert my eyes when I see two kids, under 8, holding two huge gelato ice-creams. I didn’t want the mother to see the judgement in my eyes. It was 8:30am. So I started giving her excuses in my head, it’s school holidays, they’ve probably been up for ages and this is morning tea, maybe it’s a birthday request. Either way I hate myself for judging. The “”mother”” walks away with her order and I realise she’s not with the kids, then their Gran turns up. Aaagh, this makes more sense.

So I get my coffee and leave shaking my head….as I scoff down the free biscuit that came with my coffee.

Either way it got me thinking, how does a good quality ice-cream compare to say, a bowl of cocoa pops? I looked them both up. I just looked at the nutritional stats for a standard ice-cream vs cocoa pops (without even adding the milk) and ice-cream wins! 59% of the ingredients of cocoa pops are rice, then there is 3% cocoa and in between that is the sugar content. That’s a scary amount of sugar as they need to list the ingredients in order of largest quantity ingredient to the smallest. Ice-cream has sugar but the better quality you buy (like Granny’s gelato treats) has less…plus it has better ingredients. Crazy stuff.

So what’s for breakfast at our place? I’m sure it’s the same in every household but we seem to go through cycles of what is most popular.

At the moment:

Scrambled eggs with chia seeds

Wholewheat toast and honey (good nutritional content, despite it’s sweetness)

Porridge with honey and bannana

Homemade Pancakes (organic wholewheat flour, organic eggs and milk and just a dash of rapadura sugar)

Cut up fruit and nuts

Berry Smoothie (Jules)

Green Smoothie (Me)

Daniel can take or leave breakfast and mostly I wish that he leaves it, as he has an unhealthy Nutella obsession!


  1. I haven’t bought Nespresso pods in so long..I think it is because I hate paying for postage and I can never remember my ordering password for the online store. They all sound like great breakfast options! Porridge is always the most popular in our house follwed closely by Pancakes or Eggs as a weekend treat.

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